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About Us

"You know what they say in the mountains around here?

All the birds...all the black birds... Thats a dead person...

and theres a lot of birds on the mountain here... and theyre all black..

Thats their spirits flying around... Thats the rumour..." (Doug Coombs - Steep - 2007)

Our Story

Those were the words that echoed through our ears on a sunny day in La Grave as we meandered our way down the freshly laid powder on an early February morning.

As we put in the first tracks of the day we replayed doug coombs words in our minds.. pushing our edges into the mountain, trying to attain some grip before making that next bouncing turn...


I glance up taking in the suns rays through my mirror finish goggles to spot a Raven elegantly gliding through the crystal clear sky before coming to rest on the branch of a pine tree..

a wry smile stretches across my face.. Skier or boarder? I think to myself.. either way.. the soul of a fallen friend has come to watch me.. 

As we near the base of the run, I come alongside my pal....

"Ive had an idea" I said...

and just like that... the Raven Ski Wear Co. was born

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